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Dear Customer's,                                                    is very happy to welcome you as a customer.  Our products are of the best quality giving you the best benefits and the results you have been looking for.  At we are dedicated to serve our customers and help them find the product that will better help reach their goal.  There are many questions about how, when and which products or combinations of products a person can take to lose those extra pounds that bother some of us so much.  Our latest product like our “NEW MAXIMUM ByPass Slim”. This product serve different body types, with a different approach to achieve the weight and body that you want without side effects that will eventually damage your health and lifestyle. Our customer’s reviews (see reviews at show100% satisfaction with their amazing results. Maximum ByPass does everything if you are constipated we suggest you to take 2 Senna 5 for the first two days and then take ByPass alone.


Making the decision to take control of your health is not easy but we can assure you that it is the best decision you will ever make.  Many of us have committed to many weight loss diets not getting the results we wanted, and or the side effects are not worth the trouble.  The key to “take control of your health” is first to make a conscious decision of your weight goal. With MAXIMUM products, regular exercise, and maintaining a healthy diet you can cleanse your body, boost your metabolism and lose weight. With your order we provide a diet guideline that will allow your body to flush away excess chemicals, processed foods and fat buildup that are working against your metabolism making it slow and lethargic. The absorption of the product is much faster when your body is cleansed, which will show you better results in less time, boosting your metabolism. MAXIMUM SENNA 1300 Advance works like as a colon cleansed as well help you to lose weight and Senna 5 work like as a laxative which we highly recommended for your lost weight program, be sure to follow a healthy diet to achieve your desire weight loss and keep it off.


 Attention: It is imperative that you understand that as your body is flushing away unwanted fat and toxins, along with that your body may also be flushing out potassium and magnesium at much higher rate.  These are regularly flushed by body excrements but need to be replenished constantly taking supplements or foods high in potassium, such as a banana.   You can also buy potassium pills at our online store or over the counter at your local pharmacy.


 Always remember when using these products you must drink plenty of water, maintain a healthy balance diet making sure you eat bananas or the potassium pills and start with easy exercise like walking.  Soon you will achieve the results you always wanted.


Warnings: As with any nutritional supplement, please consult your physician before taking. Do not take if pregnant or breast feeding or disease affecting the heart, blood vessels and apoplexy. Keep out of reach of children.


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